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This page was last updated on: November 24, 2021
About the Association:  Fifty-six members owning property on Wooded Glen Avenue, and Novak Woods Court,  all in Burke, Virginia. Association assessments (2022: $575/yr) are used to pay for 3 times/week trash pickup, care of the common areas, annual picnic, annual yard sale, and operating costs and expenses.  The formal assessment levy for 2021 was due March 1, 2021.  Nine houses on two pipestem driveways regularly self-assess themselves to contribute $200.00 annually for pipestem maintenance.  The last pipestem collection occurred in April 2021.  Board members are elected for staggered periods of two years at  annual membership meetings usually held in November of each year.  Interim Board vacancies are filled by the Board.
Next Board Meeting: Date to be determined at Local Branch of Bank of America to update account contacts. Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. using the Zoom Application, request access by emailing the HOA board at "woodedglen1hoa@gmail.com".  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month and are open to all members.

Zoom meeting allowed by Governor-declared state of emergency. COVID-19.  HOA meetings are open to all members, to request zoom meeting passwords contact the HOA Board at at "woodedglen1hoa@gmail.com".

Next Architectural Control Committee (ACC): Monday December 20,  2021 @ 7:30 pm. Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month starting at 7:30 pm. ACC meetings are open to all members, to request zoom meeting passwords contact the ACC Chairperson at "woodedglenacc@gmail.com".

Grounds Committee Meeting: To be determined.

Request HOA Sale packet (selling your home) contact our management office:  Wooded Glen Sect I HOA c/o PMI Prince William, 4893 Prince William Pkwy., Ste 102, Woodbridge VA 22192, phone 703-221-5405, Common Interest Community Manager, License No. 0501000330 (VA. Dept. of Professional and Occupational Regulation). Click HERE to see fee schedule. Resale inspection checklist
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Please Pick-up your Pet's Waste:  Dog walkers have something in common. They carry a bag, usually a grocery bag  or the long plastic sleeve in which newspapers are delivered. These  conscientious pet owners take their waste-filled bags and put them in their  household trash. What about the not-so-conscientious pet owners? The Center for Watershed  Protection refers to them as “bad dog walkers” and claims their numbers are 16  million in the United States. Pet owners who violate the County’s pooper scooper law may incur a fine up to  $250 in Fairfax County due to the “Pooper-Scooper” Law – Section 41.1-2-6 
Architectural Control Committee (ACC): Send applications to PMI Prince William at email address above.  Contact prior to updating or changing the exterior of your property or removal of trees. New submission procedure (effective July 9, 2019)   The ACC email address is woodedglenacc@gmail.com  

ACC Members: Roger Kang (Chairperson),  Gail R. Gratz-Levenson, Amy Piyaporn Regala, Lindy Cherry, and Tristan Tran. The ACC email address is woodedglenacc@gmail.com

Next ACC Meeting:  See above. Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month starting at 7:30 pm and are open to all HOA members.  Contact the ACC by email (address above) for zoom information.

           Related Information:   Architectural Guidelines  (pdf document)
             **NEW April 2021**  Request to Architectural Control Committee  (editable pdf document)
                                                   House Inspection Checklist for Sale Package 

Grounds Committee: (To be appointed)

           Related Information:    Trash Can Regulations  (pdf document)
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Social Committee: Margarita Miller and Margaret Hoeffler  
Jonathan Gressel 
Margaret Hoeffler
Lonny Bradley
Allison Ritman 
Erin Owens

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The Email address for the HOA Board is woodedglen1hoa@gmail.com or woodedglen1hoa@gmail.com Common Interest Community Manager is PMI Prince William, email  "info@pmiprincewilliam.com"  Wooded Glen Section I includes single family homes on Wooded Glen and Novak Woods Court.   The Wooded Glen Section II HOA is separate and covers homes at 6701 – 6744 Sunset Woods Court. 9338 – 9376 McCarthy Woods Court, 9364 – 9402 Tucker Woods Court.  To contact the Wooded Glen Section II Homeowners Association,  go to https://www.woodedglen2hoa.org/
Routine trash and recycling services for Thursday, 11/25 will be postponed until Saturday, 11/27 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Trash Pickup is twice weekly on Monday and Thursday.
Yard waste pick up on Wednesday. 
Recycled waste is picked up on Thursday.

Contact Webmaster at webmaster@woodedglenhoa.org