Wooded Glen Section I Homeowners Association Burke, Virginia
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Wooded Glen Section II HOAOutdoor lamp post globe replacement (12" with 4" in neck) for sale at Lamppost globes.com Two globes for $43.90 plus shipping.  

President: Thomas Clark, phone 244-5442, elected term Nov 15-Nov 17 
Vice President: Richard Golden, phone 569-1264, elected term Nov 16-Nov 18
Secretary: Michael McCrory, phone 455-0806,  elected term Nov 15-Nov 17 
Treasurer: Al Graziano, phone 455-3447, elected term Nov 15-Nov 17
Member at Large: Linda Hamm,  455-7118, elected term Nov 16-Nov 18

HOA Board e-mail address: hoaboard@woodedglenhoa.org

Architectural Control Committee: Contact prior to changing the exterior of your property or removal of trees.  Walt Zimmers 646-2087, Gail Levenson 451-8351, Beth Samec 455-0977

Grounds Committee: Walt Zimmers 646-2087, Debbie McCrory 349-2010, Helmut Draxler 913-1114, Richard Golden 569-1264, Beverly Hirschfeld 978-8244, Patrick McLean 455-3158, Linda Cherry, 282-4697.

Social Committee: Debbie McCrory phone 349-2010 
This page was last updated on: October 6, 2017
About the Association:  Fifty-six members on Wooded Glen Avenue and Novak Woods Court in Burke, Virginia. Association dues ($450/yr) are used to pay for 3 times/week trash pickup, care of the common areas, annual picnic, annual yard sale, and operating costs.  The association dues are due on February 15th each year.  In August, nine houses on two pipestems contribute $200.00 each for pipestem maintenance.  Board members are elected for periods of two years at the annual membership meeting usually held in November.  Stand-in members are selected by the board until the next annual membership meeting.
Webmaster:  Al Graziano webmaster@woodedglenhoa.org

Upcoming Board Meetings,   7:30 pm on Tuesday October 10 at 9418 Wooded Glen Ave.; November 6, 2017 immediately following the conclusion of the Annual Meeting, below.

Annual Meeting: Monday, November 6, 2017 at 7:30 p.m., Pohick Public Library meeting room, 6450 Sydenstricker Road, Burke, VA 22015.  

Fairfax County Community Manual
Request to Architectural Control Committee (to change the exterior of your property: 
                         Editable Word document     or        static Adobe pdf file

Request HOA Sale packet (selling your home): Contact the HOA President or any board member. 
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Please Pick-up your Pet's Waste:  Dog walkers have something in common. They carry a bag, usually a grocery bag  or the long plastic sleeve in which newspapers are delivered. These  conscientious pet owners take their waste-filled bags and put them in their  household trash. What about the not-so-conscientious pet owners? The Center for Watershed  Protection refers to them as “bad dog walkers” and claims their numbers are 16  million in the United States. Pet owners who violate the County’s pooper scooper law may incur a fine up to  $250 in Fairfax County due to the “Pooper-Scooper” Law – Section 41.1-2-6 
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