MINUTES:  November 8, 2001


Board Members Presiding:

Mary Beth Conlon, President

Al Graziano, Treasurer

Michael Miller, Secretary


The meeting convened at 7:30 p.m. at White Oaks Elementary School once it was determined we had a quorum with fifteen homeowners present and twenty proxy ballots.


1.              First order of business. The secretary read the minutes of the Dec. 12, 2000 annual meeting. Without objection, they were approved.


2.              Al Graziano presented the 2002 annual budget and discussed the increased fees for trash collection, which comprise the largest portion of the homeowners’ annual assessment, the rest going towards federal and state taxes, insurance policies, attorney fees, and maintenance of a savings fund for contingencies. Al described the bottom line of the budget as being as skimpy as possible in light of the different insurance policies which the Board must carry. Current funds in the savings account total $43,000.00


3.              Mary Beth interjected with a new line budget item which the new Board will have to take up in December: discussion of having an attorney review our covenants for the purpose of making sure that the Board can back them up when homeowners are notified of necessary repairs to their property for the sake of the appearance of the neighborhood, a discussion begun by the outgoing Board in light of the fact that Wooded Glen Section I is fifteen years old, that property values must be maintained, and that the outgoing Board had deemed it prudent to conduct a semiannual inspection of properties.


4.              Al returned to the 2002 budget discussion and cited the need to charge a higher annual assessment to cover increasing costs for trash collection and other items in the budget, the first increase in twelve years, the last one put into effect in 1989. Al proposed $350 as the new annual assessment. Richard Golden moved to adopt the budget. There were objections. One homeowner raised the question of why so much in savings? For what purpose? Richard Golden explained that those funds are for contingency purposes, emergencies, such as a sudden increase in trash collection fees. It was brought out that the $43,000 in reserves is well above the $23,000 required by the by-laws. Some homeowners felt that the Board should only assess at $300 and take the rest from savings as needed. A poll was taken and Al moved to adopt $300 as the new annual assessment. Gary Van Horn seconded the motion. The motion passed by a unanimous voice vote of ayes.


5.              Mary Beth announced that three positions on the Board expire this month and that we need an election of new Board members for these two-year terms. Out-going Board members: Mary Beth Conlon, Al Graziano, and Michael Miller. Richard Golden nominated Gerry Gunn and she accepted. Joe Yakovac volunteered to run for the Board, as did John Gordon. Al offered to run again and stay on as Treasurer. Chris Leithiser moved to close the nominations. With four candidates for three positions, John Gordon withdrew but offered to be available to the Board for appointment should Loren Becker, member-at-large, decide to vacate the remaining year of his position. Richard Golden moved to elect the three nominees. It was seconded and passed by unanimous voice vote. The new Board members are: Gerry Gunn, Joe Yakovac, with Al Graziano returning to serve as Treasurer. Cyril Shepherd has one year remaining on his term as Vice-President.


6.              Al reminded homeowners of the community website where notices and minutes of meetings can be read. He also mentioned an e-mail sign-up there for people who wish to receive notices and announcements via e-mail.


7.              Charles Shaw agreed to represent the Board in going to the supervisor of construction on Lee Chapel Road regarding runoff from a water main break the week of October 22 that has caused a back-up of clay and gravel in the sewer drains behind his home and others on the side of Wooded Glen Avenue that back up to common property. VDOT should be held responsible for the clean-up that will involve some heavy duty equipment. This is not something homeowners can do on their own nor should they have to.


8.              Joe Yakovac raised the question of getting speed bumps installed to stop the speeders who race up and down Wooded Glen Avenue, well in excess of the posted 25mph signs. John Campbell said that the Board should look into it because VDOT has become more amenable to installing speed bumps in communities. In the past, this has not been true. It was pointed out that we get a lot of people cutting through Wooded Glen Avenue between Sydenstricker and Lee Chapel Road to avoid taking the long way around on Old Keene Mill Road. Gary Van Horn discussed other options such as a radar screen on Wooded Glen Avenue that flashes the speed a driver is going as he/she approaches it. He also mentioned having a radar survey done for Wooded Glen Avenue and will look into it.


Richard Golden moved to adjourn. John Campbell seconded and the vote was unanimous. The annual meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Michael B. Miller, Secretary