Annual HOA Meeting
Zoom Practice
Zoom Meeting Practice Sessions:

For those unfamiliar with a zoom meeting, we will have three practice sessions designed to verify your connection to Zoom. Zoom is an audio and visual meeting program that will allow you to see and interact with everyone who is participating in the annual meeting. You will have to download the free Zoom mobile application first (takes 5-10 minutes), at the App store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android), Then start the program and open up this webpage and click on the link below to join the meeting.  

Practice Sessions will be held on:

Tuesday, November 10th from 11-12am 
Wednesday November 11th from 12-1pm 
Wednesday November 11th from 7-8pm

​Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 629 301 1896
Passcode: NvH7uY

If you are having problems connecting and require assistance call Al Graziano at 703 864-4533.

Note:  For the annual meeting there will be a telephone/voice call in option, however this practice session will not include phone call in due to the added expense.

For more information on Zoom watch the YouTube Video below.​